Basic Gold Platinum
splash screen Yes Yes Yes
App Icon Yes Yes Yes
Share Button Yes Yes Yes
Ad Mob Integration No Yes Yes
App Submission No Yes Yes
Operating System 1 1 1
Server Based No No Yes
Local Database No Yes Yes
Centralized DB No No Yes
Google Map Yes Yes Yes
API No No Yes
Web Development Price (Pkr) 2500 Rs. 20000 Rs. 40000 Rs.
Web Development Price (USD) 26$ 210$ 410$

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Android Application Details

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Mobile Application can make your business grow faster make, Your customer can access it any time any where. Android development has exploded in recent years and now controls over 82% of the market share, meaning Android receives 60% more downloads by volume. Numbers like that simply cannot be ignored. The truth is that while Android is a more cumbersome platform for development, the extra cost may very well be worth it if you determine that your ideal user is better represented there. For example, if you’re looking to release a killer new game that will be free to download and monetized by ads and in-app purchases, the volume you have access to on Android may be your best bet.

Earn Through Advertisement

The second short-term monetization tactic commonly used today is ads. The download of the app is free, but users are subject to an ad banner in various areas of the app or full-screen ads running from time to time. Both of these monetization tactics are dependant upon having enough downloads or active users to capitalize on them. Once again, it all comes back to creating an exceptional user experience that people are either willing to pay for or put up with ads to use.

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