Webhike is the top best web hosting companies in Pakistan. Web hosting consists of storing the data of a website on a particular server. The owners of these servers are called web hosts. They offer companies to rent or buy storage space on their servers. 

To understand correctly, you should know that when you browse the Internet, the pages of a website are actually code pages written in a programming language. This encoded data is transformed into images and texts. To be accessible and readable by your browser, this code must be hosted on a server. 


Today, there are 4 types of web hosting: 

1: The shared hosting: it is to host data for multiple sites on a single server. Server resources are therefore shared

2: The dedicated hosting: it is to host the data from a single site on a single server. Here, the server’s resources are dedicated to a site; 

3: VPS hosting: it consists of creating several virtual servers on a single real server. The server’s resources are then divided between several sites; 

4: The Cloud: it consists of hosting the data of a site on several servers connected in a network. The site then uses only the resources necessary for its operation. 


Each type of web hosting offers advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs of your site, some are more suitable than others. For example: 

  • Shared hosting is particularly suitable for sites of size and low or medium audience 
  • Dedicated hosting is suitable for all sites, including those with high traffic and who wish to configure their server 
  • VPS hosting is suitable for sites with a medium or large audience who wish to have their own operating system
  • Cloud hosting is ideal for sites that want a flexible hosting solution. 

The Cloud, a hosting solution that is on the rise 

Cloud computing entered the corporate world more than a decade ago and its use is now standard practice for companies of all sizes and categories. Offering practicality and substantial financial savings since it does not require the establishment of dedicated infrastructure to host an information system and expensive storage space, it provides valuable services to companies that do not have funds to be invested in or whose premises do not offer enough space to accommodate one or more physical servers. 

In order to meet the needs of the thousands of Pakistani companies that find themselves in these situations, many companies have specialized in providing web hosting in Pakistan. However, it is recommended that you choose your host carefully in order to optimize the functionality and accessibility of your tools on the Cloud. 

Web hosting, what does it consist of? 

With the evolution of the services offered on the Internet and that of the behavior and habits of consumers and Internet users in Pakistan, web hosting is currently a booming sector. This type of service is aimed at both future website owners and companies who opt to outsource there IS, servers and business applications to the Cloud. 

Indeed, web hosting consists in making available to these professionals, a storage space for data, files and applications on a server connected to the Internet in order to make them available to users. They can choose between shared hosting or dedicated hosting, depending on their needs and the requirements of their business. 

Given the challenges of the quality of web hosting services, web hosts must equip themselves with efficient hardware and software resources, as well as experienced professionals for the management and maintenance of their customers sites. 

Webhike offers hosting services in Pakistan. 

Webhike is one of the best web hosting provider in Pakistan. Our offers are mainly aimed at SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and e-commerce sites whose activities do not require the acquisition and implementation of significant resources. 

Each dedicated server of our customers is administered by a team of experts. This not only frees you from the constraints of keeping your platform in operational condition, but you also benefit from a state-of-the-art infrastructure. On the other hand, we offer you the possibility of choosing the formula that best suits your website. 

On the other hand, if you prefer dedicated web hosting in Pakistan, we offer you a tailor-made solution, which includes a set of services designed to optimize the performance and security of your website. Thus, our team takes care of everything for you: administration, supervision, updates, maintenance, etc. 

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