WebHike is offering best business consultancy services in Pakistan. Each company’s business strategy is unique. Build your strategy based on the specific characteristics of your products, your sales objectives, and your company’s future position on the market.

Why use our business development consulting services?

As the organizational evolution cycle becomes shorter and shorter, strategic planning is an essential tool to guide the development of the company, while maximizing the growth potential. During each mandate:

  • We take the time to fully understand the client’s business model and environment. The recommendations we make are directly related to the real needs of the company.
  • We use a methodical, rigorous and innovative approach to define coherent and relevant strategies for the company, promoting differentiation and real achievement of targeted results.
  • Our customers are not surprised because we provide them with a detailed work plan with clear deadlines. We work in total transparency. 
  • We don’t have a ready-made plan for all of our customers! We only do tailor-made to exactly meet the needs of our customers.
  • Our strategies are developed phase by phase, taking into account the internal capacity of our customers. We use this method because we believe that the management team of a company must take the time to acquire the new tools and practices in order to master them well.

Why develop a business strategy?

To generate growth for your business, you will certainly take economic risks. Establishing your business strategy will not allow you to eliminate them, but you will be able to better control them and thus reduce them.

Based on market research, the commercial strategy of your company clarifies your objectives (in terms of turnover, growth) and the means to be implemented to achieve them. It establishes your positioning on the market in front of your competitors and gives you a precise vision of the path to follow to maintain or even develop your activity.

A good commercial strategy, realistic and operational, requires in-depth knowledge of your market (market research is therefore a key element in building your strategy), the context of the business (strengths and weaknesses) and your financial capabilities.

Which of the different possible customer segments will you target as a priority? Will you target the “traditional” customers of your activity or will you be looking for emerging segments? What means will you use to reach them? How will you adapt your offer to target customers? Or will you base your competitive advantage on an aggressive pricing policy or rather on a particular characteristic of your products or services?

In the end, the commercial strategy takes shape in the “marketing mix”, which defines the exact nature of your products or services, their price, distribution networks and means of communication. It must be built over a period of several years in order to serve as a guide on the actions to be taken and the decisions to be taken.

What types of development and planning projects do we support?

In the field of strategic planning and business management, we support organizations in projects:

  • Consult online business strategy, that can help you yo establish your own online brand.
  • Strategic alignment of business objectives by implementing tactical plans
  • Development of business model and business plan
  • of process mapping and optimizing the efficiency of the business
  • to support business start-up and growth through management coaching

Details of business consultancy services in Pakistan

Strategic diagnosis: Developing a strategic vision for the future of the business, in order to stimulate its growth, requires answering certain essential questions, for example:

  • Where is my business today?
  • What are the challenges of this?
  • What is his future?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses (internal environment) as well as my opportunities and threats (external environment)?

Strategic planning: During strategic planning, we project the company into the future and define the means to get there. The aim is to plan for more flexibility and anticipation for the future. It means asking the right questions, building a clear vision and giving yourself the means to achieve your ambitions. During this stage, for example, we determine the strategic objectives, the key skills required, the key success factors and the areas of strategic activity.

Development of a business model or business model: Business model is the synthetic and systemic representation of the origin of the added value offered by a company, the way in which it will achieve profitability. In times of business creation, this type of model is a highly useful exercise.

Preparation of business plan: A professional business plan is a valuable tool that serves as a marketing tool to convince other partners that your project has a high potential for success. An effective business plan is a document that honestly describes the current state of the business, the competitive environment and short, medium and long term goals.

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