We offer best e commerce solution provider in Pakistan. Webhike can help you benefit from our expertise and technology, enabling you to grow your online business globally and easily deal with various currencies, regulations, etc. Whether you are a physical or online-only merchant, Webhike can help you create the best payment experience for your online customers to pay for their items using your credit and debit card. 

Improve and personalize the customer experience with artificial intelligence (AI). All visitors should have access to customer service, even for online sales. Include explanatory photos and videos in your e-commerce site, a good product description, an FAQ for frequently asked questions, and several contacts: e-mail, telephone, chat, networks…  
Create a Landing page when creating the site merchant and a chat is a good way to guide the Internet user on the right choice of your product catalog. Increase your chances of selling online for potential customers who are apprehensive about the act of shopping online. Creating rich content in your online store will increase and generate traffic and better target your visitors. 

Top E Commerce Solution Provider in Pakistan

Hosted payment 

When your customers are ready to make a purchase, they’re taken to a hosted form or shopping cart, where payment is captured, authorized, and confirmed onscreen. Plus, transaction results are automatically sent to you and your customers, making it easy for you to track and process online orders from your e-commerce site. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Multiple development options available for your business or IT needs 
  • Template-based or custom-made forms 
  • Hosted basket or basic counter for larger product stocks 
  • Coded processing options for simplified PCI compliance 
  • Recurring payments and batch processing functionality 
  • Customizable user access controls and security settings 
  • Comprehensive online download and reporting options 
  • SSL security 
  • 24/7 customer support 

Programming interface (custom e-commerce) 

The API allows merchants to enhance their customized e-commerce website capabilities to meet their specific business needs. This programming interface allows you to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers, one in which they never leave your site to make a purchase. 

Let your programming interface create an end-to-end control flow that meets your precise processing requirements. No programming kits, downloads, or additional hardware are required. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Customizable to manage the presentation of your site 
  • Easily integrates with most shopping carts, order management or accounting software 
  • Compatible with many programming languages 
  • Supports batch processing, recurring billing, and coded processing 
  • Provision of a comprehensive reporting API 
  • Captures and stores personalized order data 
  • Protection tools and measures to prevent fraud 
  • User access controls and extensive real-time reporting 
  • SSL security 
  • 24/7 customer support 


An online store site works much like a public relation agent, to communicate around your business and products. Today you have an attractive and interactive website and you want to convert your visitors into customers. However, it remains difficult to communicate, it is a problem which can be solved by a good reflection and a good strategy. Here are some clues to watch out for on your e-commerce site: Design, ergonomics, technology, contacts, visits, sales. 
Another criterion to take into account, generating revenue is difficult since the appearance of the major e-commerce platforms: Amazon, eBay, Discount. However, some small brand success stories succeed well after having created an e-commerce site. 

Here are some digital techniques and strategies that make the success and benefits of e-commerce: Create an online store or an online sales site with a product catalog. Integrate responsive design, content marketing (content marketing), user experience, video, customer service, online reviews, loyalty, SEO, Artificial intelligence, social networks, affiliation. 

Create a blog: 

• 23% of Internet usage time is spent reading blogs; 
• 77% of Internet users read blogs; 
• 97% of companies have a blog; 
• 60% of readers consider a business to be more reliable with a blog; Improve reading with images, videos, infographics, captions and bookmarks, social share buttons. 

What is the use of e-commerce software? 

E-commerce software allows you to: 

  • sell products and services online, with minimal initial investment 
  • to facilitate and accelerate sales 
  • reach customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • extend the geographic reach of your business 
  • improve the online visibility of your business 
  • reduce customer service fees 
  • automate certain functions and offer self-service access to customers 
  • to strengthen customer loyalty 
  • to sell your products without maintaining physical stocks 

What are the functions of e-commerce software? 

  • A basic e-commerce storefront is an online system that allows customers to do their shopping by streamlining the ordering process. No matter what software you choose, you should be able to: 
  • create an online store including a virtual shopping cart 
  • receive online payments by PayPal and / or with major credit cards 
  • develop an online product catalog 
  • optimize your web pages to get higher rankings in search engine results 
  • automate inventory control set up a tracking system 
  • analyze your performance using reports and statistics 
  • use online marketing techniques such as interactive advertising, email marketing, social media or mobile marketing 

Free or low-cost e-commerce solutions 

There are a variety of e-commerce solutions from basic virtual storefronts, which simply handle email orders, to complex systems integrated with various aspects of your business. If you are looking for free or inexpensive tools, you might want to consider the options below. Software as a service refers to the SaaS (software as a service) model. 

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