Web hike is Offering mobile and web application development in Pakistan. Specializing in the design and development of mobile applications on Android and IOS the creation of websites and the development of web applications. Our team is made up of developers, designers and project managers, all experts, and proud of the mobile applications we create for our customers. We put our expertise, passion, and know-how to serve your needs to help you develop your digital strategy, strengthen your business, and improve your visibility and notoriety. 

Our agency for creating mobile applications has built solid relationships with its customers. You too whether you are a large company or an innovative start-up  whatever your project the creation of an m-commerce mobile application , a social network, an augmented reality mobile application  , a chat application, or the development of a Mobile application on Android and IOS of customer service  Contact us  we are there to realize your projects. 

Our mobile application creation agency creates a social network for its client that allows you to share moments with your friends, capture your vibes, and follow that of your friends. In addition, it allows you to schedule several outings on the Internet. Application invite your friends take photos and videos and add a description on the same vibe. 

A social network that allows sharing of content meeting students in your university city and country using advanced filters to find other students and make profitable offers at requests made by other users. 

Mobile application development agency 

Webhike is a mobile application creation agency specializing in the design and development of mobile applications on Android and IOS. 

Our young and experienced team (project manager, mobile developers, Backend developers, Designers, and test and quality engineers) works to develop stable high-quality mobile applications while meeting deadlines. 

Designing iOS and Android applications: where to find the best collaborator? 

It goes without saying that developing applications for Android and iOS allows you to increase your brand awareness. This resource will also be of great help to you in presenting your offer and / or service. However, the result you will obtain strongly rests on your choice of iPhone and Android application development agency.  

Each of these developers is ready to support you in your web projects however complex they may be. Their experience and inventiveness represent real assets. This is what will ensure the smooth running of your marketing strategy. 

With Shortlist finding a trusted mobile application creation agency that will be happy to help you is easy. It’s simple our platform brings together the best employees in Pakistan. Then you just have to make your choice. 

Application development: what does it consist of? 

Developing a mobile application above all allows you to get closer to your target. The vast majority of people have a mobile phone. They use it daily to search for information, find products, make purchases, etc. 

Developing an application therefore provides you with the opportunity to meet their needs. However, developing an application for Android and iOS requires a solid knowledge of programming language. 

In the case of Android the language most often used is Java. For iOS its Objective-C and / Swift. It is also possible to create a hybrid application that is compatible with Android iOS and Windows. 

Mobile applications development procedure? 


Creating mobile applications is the process of creating application software for handheld devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Through the use of mobile applications, the user is served with various features that will allow him to meet all his needs and much more. 


Applications must be interactive for users. The apps can be downloaded from various platforms such as Google Play Store and iOS App Store. These are free applications as well as paid applications. Certain applications can be used free of charge for a specified period of time or by subscribing to a premium subscription. For applications with a price around 20% to 30% of the revenue goes to the distribution of the supplier (For example iTunes) and the rest to the creator of the mobile application. It is the distribution of the price. 


For application development the constraints and functionality of mobile devices must be taken into account. For example mobile devices have lower processing power run on battery but have more features such as location detection. A wide range of screen sizes and hardware specifications should also be considered. 


To develop applications specialized integrated development environments such as Android Studio or Eclipse are required. The application is first tested using peripherals called emulators which is a software simulation of the actual hardware peripheral then finally field tests are carried out. 

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