Pages 1 to 5 5 to 10 10 to 15 Unlimited Static Pages Less Than 500 Products
Domain FREE For Life FREE For Life FREE For Life FREE For Life FREE For Life
Layout Responsive Responsive Responsive Responsive Responsive
Plugins Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Home Page Banner Max 3 Max 3 Max 5 Max 5 Max 5
Logo No No Yes Yes Yes
Image / Product Gallery No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Map Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Setup No Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Plugin Installation & Setup Basic Basic Advance Advance Advance
Web Development Price (Pkr) 7500 Rs. 15500 Rs. 22500 Rs. 32500 Rs. 45000 Rs.
Web Development Price (USD) 80$ 160$ 240$ 330$ 500$

Wordpress Website Development Order

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Wordpress Website Development Details


We offer free 1GB/yr Hosting and Domain for life with every website development package. You can get .com, .net, .org, .info For Free with website packages. This offer is not applicable for .PK Hosting. You can order .PK Hosting package with free domain by visiting Here.

Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress Website development is the quick method to relinquish on-line visual impact to visitors. Regarding the business services with colors, content and structure. Wordpress Website development includes the task of web usability, practicality,colors and motive of the web site. Customers always need full functional, featured and high quality websites with all features in less budget, wordpress is the best solution for all this. So our experienced werdpress developers fetch the concept from demand of the consumer. And draw a rough structure about design in every page. They confine mind regarding deliver the planning that is consistent with consumer demand. And fulfil the planning terms like testing, responsive web style, SEO friendly web site. Our demand analyst build an web design set up. That is correct, complete, unambiguous, verifiable, consistent, modifiable, traceable. Its terribly useful in whole method of website design and development. We always offer low cost wordpress websites packages for your comfort with free Hosting per year and free Domain for life time

WordPress Websites Features

A wordpress website means a software or script solution used to create, maintain and control a website. Where owner of website can add, delete, edit pages , images , text data from website, few wordpress features are:

Add pages, edit existing pages and delete pages.
Store files and images in CMS 'libraries'.
Customisable online form.
Automated logs of page changes and edits.
Add content in 'simple' or 'advanced' ways.
Add Multilingual website content (Western ISO).
Integrated javascript text editor.
Add, edit and delete links.
Content approval - draft mode.

Meta data management.
Extendable site through addition of new pages.
Disability compliance - safe and legal.
Graphical website statistics
Add, edit and delete text and images
Automated site map of your web pages.
Professional custom designs.
Online help pages on hand from admin area.
Backup facility through administration area.

Wordpress Website Redesign / Update

Once the wordpress website is live and delivered, it enters the maintenance / redesign phase and updation of plugins. Wordpress Website needs redesign or maintenance because some of its components wear out. And need to be replaced. After some time there is need to change the banner design, graphic design, plugins, SEO on the wordpress website. Some time errors remains in the web design and development phase that must be removed as they are discovered. These errors once discovered, need to be changed, removed leading to website getting changed. The main reason is that web design and development often must be upgraded and enhanced to include more features and provide more functionality.

Wordpress E-Commerce

We are specialize in developing wordpress e-commerce website that use Internet as a platform to make business more efficient, profitable and competitive. A successful E-Commerce low cost websites can become an integral part of your sales strategy. It can open your products to new markets and provide smarter ways for you to do business. Wordpress provides us quick, high quality with full automation platform to grow up our store like Aliexpress.

Store Features

Will provide you a unique easy to use control panel for your website. *you can use control panel without any HTML knowledge.
Admin will have the ability to add, del, edit products.
Unlimited thumbnails and images with each item.
Unlimited custom drop down lists for attributes like size, color, length, etc.
Unlimited custom fill-in text boxes for message to accompany your item; for gift message, monogram, etc.
Item data import and export of flat-file spreadsheets.
Inventory control with back order and/or out of stock functions.
Search feature searches shop items by looking for the keyword within the item name and secondarily by searching the description fields of the items.

Order Notifications by email.
Built in Item Search.
Normal Price / Sale Price Option.
Promo Code / Coupon Discounts.
Newsletter Management.
Visitors to your site can create account and signup as members, where they can save shopping history and wish lists.
Editor allows you to edit pages such as the contact and about us pages on your site, without any HTML knowledge.
Live chat support you can view all visitor stat and they can live chat with you for product information and support.

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